Diamond Fuller

D.F.M Entertainment

Diamond Fuller grew up in a small town of Fairbanks,Alaska and has been playing drums since the age of 5. He first received his start and inspiration while growing up in church. As a "young lion" drummer/percussionist, he has developed a strong love and deep passion for music especially the "Art of Drumming".

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Diamond Fuller Grew Up In A Small Town Of Fairbanks,Alaska And Has Been Playing Drums Since The Age Of 5. He First Received His Start And Inspiration While Growing Up In Church. As A "Young Lion" Drummer/Percussionist, He Has Developed A Strong Love And Deep Passion For Music Especially The "Art Of Drumming". Essentially He Has Led Himself In Various Directions In Pursuit Of Sharpening His Craft And Honing His Skills. Diamond Also Has Been Introduced To The Classical Realm Of Performing Arts In Different Arenas Such As Orchestras, And Classical Percussion Groups... Known Artist Diamond's Worked With..Include Greg Hopkins, Barney McClure Trio, Javino Neto Santos Group, Valerie Naranjo,Chris Calloway,Larry Ham Trio,Liam Teague/ Robert Chappell Dou Group,Knoel Scott Trio,Greta Matassa Combo, Nicholas Payton, And Many Others..



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